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Redefining sports activity vehicles with style and panache, the BMW X Series offers the ultimate in elegance, high performance and functionality. Whichever model you choose, you’re guaranteed the ride of your life with the fun-loving, practical and sophisticated X Series.  MODELS
The BMW X SERIES comes in many different model variants as demonstrated below.

x series 1BMW X1

If you expect the best from your car, then look no further than the BMW X1. Not only does its exterior exude style and sass, but it performs impeccably as well. Combined with the latest X Series technology, this model is a beast to behold. 

x Series 3BMW X3

The original X3 has been reimagined with this incredible BMW model, offering first-rate efficiency, pure power and great handling to become the perfect all-rounder.

x Series 4BMW X4

Demanding attention with its bold looks and powerful presence, the BMW X4 offers a tantalising driving experience. With innovative features including Variable Sport Steering and Drive Performance Control, this is a car that puts driver experience first.  

x Series 5BMW X5

Conquer all terrains with the BMW X5, a luxury SUV with the muscle and power to take on the most demanding of conditions. Inside the X5 you’ll find a haven of beautiful design touches, ensuring a supremely comfortable ride for both driver and passengers. 

x Series 6BMW X6

The groundbreaking BMW X6 is a car that simply longs to be driven. Performing at the highest level even in the toughest of conditions, this sporty X Series model is a unique, high-tech SUV of a jaw-dropping calibre. 


BMW has a range of technologies that are available on each of the X Series models – some come as standard, and some are available as optional add-ons. Every single feature is designed to make driving more pleasurable, more economical, more efficient or more dynamic – or in some cases all four at once. Introducing the BMW X Series on-board technology. 


Traffic jams are unavoidable, but having an engine sitting idle and wasting fuel is. Auto Start Stop turns off the engine temporarily when stopped temporarily, avoiding unnecessary fuel wastage.

real time traffic informationREAL TIME TRAFFIC INFORMATION (RTTI)

As much as you might love driving, nobody loves being stuck in traffic. RTTI gives you the most up-to-date traffic information, allowing you to choose the fastest route for your journey.

brake energy regenerationBRAKE ENERGY REGENERATION

Until now, the energy used in braking was wasted. But with BMW’s brake energy regeneration system, energy used when braking charges the battery – prolonging its life.


Concierge's are no longer for the rich and famous. With the BMW ConnectedDrive concierge services, you can be put through to a BMW call centre agent at the touch of a button.


Adapting to even the most challenging road conditions, the BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system gives outstanding traction, keeping the car on track and stable at all times, and keeping passengers comfortable too.

shift point displaySHIFT POINT DISPLAY

Changing gear at the right time saves fuel, and Shift Point Display from BMW helps by informing the driver of the most efficient gear to be driving in at all times.


The optional Servotronic power steering ensures optimal steering responsiveness in every single driving situation.