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Whether it's finding the right car to handle the demands of the British winter, or ensuring your current car is at its best in the snow and ice, Cooper BMW have it covered.


Winter Tyres
With twice as many accidents happening in the winter than the summer†, it's a fact that driving conditions can become much more treacherous when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder.

Many drivers don't appreciate that the performance of their tyres is affected when temperatures drop below 7°C which, let's face it, is on most days in a typical British winter.

A set of winter wheels and tyres with their special rubber compound and grooves is available from £700 RRP per set**, and means you'll have no problem stopping - or going - during the colder months.

To make life easier for you, we'll even store your standard wheels and tyres for a small fee until it's time to switch them back again in spring.


Weather and road conditions can change in a flash. To make sure you’re prepared, BMW have an all-wheel-drive system that responds just as quickly. With BMW xDrive, you can still enjoy maximum driving pleasure even on difficult road surfaces such as mud, gravel or snow. Taking the torque to where it has maximum effect - a simple idea that the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system puts into practice masterfully. It distributes the engine torque to the axles in a fraction of a second so that they can achieve maximum traction.

BMW xDrive is a permanent, fully variable all-wheel-drive system unique to BMW, which allows for excellent all-weather, all-surface handling.  BMW xDrive is the most technologically advanced all-wheel-drive system in the segment offering a fully variable torque split, ensuring best-in-class driving dynamics.

Based on the same system found in the BMW X range, xDrive is also available on BMW 1, 3 and 4 Series models.


With the BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, each axle uses its traction to the maximum. If more torque has to be applied to the road, particularly in adverse conditions, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) comes into operation. Within a tenth of a second it distributes up to almost 100% of the engine torque to the front or rear axle via the transmission and an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch before returning to the normal 40:60 distribution ratio. With this technology, BMW provides an intelligent all-wheel-drive system with all the benefits of rear-wheel-drive: precise handling, optimum cornering and improved traction.


Even with a slight weight gain, the BMW xDrive system adds a minimal increase of both CO2 and consumption figures thanks to EfficientDynamics technologies.
  • Minimal weight increase of just 70kg on the 1 Series and 80kg on the 3 Series
  • Virtually eliminates all understeer as the front wheel only receives power when required

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact your local Cooper BMW Centre.

Winter wheels and tyres are available on selected models and subject to availability. †Data provided by leading car insurer. **Recommended retail price of £700 is based on steel wheel style 12, tyre dimension 195/55R16 87H and one set of wheel covers for BMW 1 Series.

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