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Having an accident in your BMW or finding that your car has been damaged is stressful and upsetting, so it’s essential to know that you have someone you can trust to restore your BMW to its rightful condition.

With the BMW Approved Bodyshop Customer Promise, that’s exactly what you have – a trustworthy and reliable team that will use modern repair methods to return your BMW back to its former glory.

At the Cooper BMW Approved Bodyshop you know you’re dealing with a company that is there for you every step of the way – you can rest assured you’ll receive a friendly and supportive helping hand from employees who are fully trained to BMW’s high standards. Only genuine BMW parts will be used in repairing your vehicle, which will be washed and vacuumed before being returned. What’s more, we’ll work with your insurer to ensure you’re back on the road – in your beloved BMW – as quickly as possible.

Minor Repairs

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than having a minor scrape in your vehicle. Perhaps it was caused by a careless stranger who wasn’t paying attention, or maybe even a vandal has targeted your car while it sat in a car park. Whatever the reason, we are on hand to repair the damage that has been caused.

Our BMW Approved Bodyshop is fully equipped – not just with the necessary approved tools, but also with the staff who are trained to get your car back in shape quickly and efficiently. By taking your car to a bodyshop that has been approved by BMW you can rest assured that your car will be treated with the care it deserves when it’s in our hands. 

BMW Minor Repairs 

There is no BMW minor repair that we can’t handle.

  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • Scratch Repair
  • Glass Repair

Click here to find out more about Minor Repairs


Major Repairs

If you’re involved in an accident, you’ll have enough on your plate without having to worry about whether your car will be looked after. Cooper BMW Approved Bodyshops strive to ensure that major repairs to BMW are made to the highest standards, as quickly as possible, and without damaging the integrity of your vehicle. Only genuine BMW parts are used at our Bodyshops, meaning you know your car will be as good as new when you get it back. Not only that, but the car’s Euro NCAP safety ratings will be restored and the latest technology will be used to ensure your BMW is returned in the condition you would expect from one the UK’s largest approved dealerships.

There is simply no better way of ensuring that major repairs are rectified than using a BMW Approved Bodyshop.

 BMW Major Repairs

Complimentary Accident Recovery Service

BMW Accident Recovery Services will get your car in for repair as quickly as possible, while also helping you get on with your day. What’s more, BMW Accident Recovery Services are complimentary – regardless of the age of your vehicle and regardless of the model of BMW that you own, calling the direct freephone number – 0800 777 111 - will have you, and your car, on the way to the nearest BMW Approved Bodyshop in next to no time.

Remember, before you call 0800 777 111, it’s important to turn on your hazard lights and set up the warning triangle, before you stand away from the road at a safe distance. If there are third parties involved in your breakdown, make sure you exchange details.

Once the BMW Accident Recovery Service has arrived and you’ve been taken to the Approved BMW Bodyshop, your car will be assessed for damage and, if repairs are needed, only genuine BMW parts will be used.

 BMW Accident Recovery

Keep 0800 777 111 in your phone contacts – and we, like you, hope you never have to use it.



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