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At Cooper BMW we understand that your servicing needs to fit around your lifestyle, which is why we offer a range of servicing solutions that ensure we meet your needs swiftly, and our impressive experience guarantees a great job.

Our expertise derives from our belief in the BMW ethos of quality, efficiency and innovation, which allows us to offer you the ultimate in servicing. BMW have constructed both their Service Inclusive and Value Service options around these three pillars of success, and as we only use Genuine BMW Parts and the most current BMW servicing technologies available, we bring you the unparalleled service that a BMW driver expects.

BMW Service Inclusive

Having the luxury of foresight is a gift, and we at Cooper BMW are proud to be mindful of the future. That's why we're pleased to offer BMW Service Inclusive, a one-off, inflation-proof advance payment that covers your servicing costs ahead of requirement, for absolute peace of mind.

Find out more about BMW Service Inclusive.

BMW Value Service and M Value Service

Proving that quality doesn't necessarily mean expense, we have the BMW Value Service and M Value Service, suitable for selected BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 models. This offer combines high-octane service with impressively competitive prices for the best in servicing experiences.

Find out more about BMW Value Service and M Value Service.

BMW Fast Lane Service

We appreciate that time is precious and believe that finding time to service your BMW shouldn’t be a difficult experience. That is why we offer the BMW Fast Lane Service, designed to complete a wide range of service and maintenance tasks within 90 minutes.

We have free Wi-Fi access and a First Class customer lounge for you to relax in while you wait, or alternatively you are free to test drive our new BMW models and browse our selection of Genuine BMW accessories and products. Whether you'd like to spend your 90 minutes on work or pleasure, we have a team of attentive staff on hand to ensure you make the very most of your short wait.

Fast Lane Process

1. Contact our Service Department.
Our team will efficiently establish whether the work can be completed as a Fast Lane Service, and they'll inform your the expected servicing duration and cost.
2. Bring in your BMW.
We ask that you arrive prior to your allotted time to allow us to check in your vehicle and start servicing promptly.
3. Enjoy our hospitality.
Make the most of our comfortable lounge and relax or finish some work, or explore the wide range of facilities we have on offer for your enjoyment.
4. Drive away.
With all the work completed within the agreed time, you are free to take your fully serviced BMW back on the road.

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