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Published Date: 6/16/2016

BMWs are known for being premium pieces of kit, and for some people that could spell the end of the dream. 

However BMW is proud to cater for most people’s budgets so that you can get the car you want for a reasonable and affordable price.

Available at every BMW Centre, you can ask a BMW financial specialist who will set out the options and make you are fully aware of the choices of finance deals to you. You can choose whether to own the vehicle at the contract or just have it on a leasing basis, and once you’ve decided which option to go for, we will do the hard work and arrange everything.

This means that from signing the contract to you getting your hands on the keys, we will handle the minor details, delivery and anything else to make sure you’re on the road as soon as possible.

BMW Select, our Personal Contract Purchase option, is the most popular on offer, as it features Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), which is the optional final payment if you want to continue owning the vehicle. As the majority of the car’s value could be paid at the end if you want to keep the car, your monthly payments could be much lower than you think. This may allow more options to be added to your car or even upgrade to a higher specification, giving you a bit more flexibility.

Contracts range between 24 and 48 months and taking annual mileage and deposit contribution into account, we arrange a finance plan to suit you and tailor a suitable budget that will fit your lifestyle. At the end you can pay the optional final payment and take your car home, part-exchange your car for another vehicle or you hand the car back and end the contract. If the car is deemed to be worth more than the GFV at the end of the contract, you benefit, but if the GFV doesn’t meet the market value, you will have to make small payments to end the contract.

If restricted mileage is something you don’t want, then a Hire Purchase could be the way forward for you. You can set your contract at between 24 and 60 months, and the fees are arranged by the amount you pay for your deposit, as the purchase price minus the deposit is the amount you will pay over your contract period. Once all the payments have been made, you own the BMW.

If you decide that owning the vehicle at the end of the process is not your thing, then the Contract Hire option might be for you. It is an ideal choice for business customers as VAT registered businesses can reclaim up to 50 per cent of the vehicle’s VAT and up to 100 per cent on maintenance charges. Once you’ve chosen your preference of car, you decide how long you’d like to hire the vehicle and what your average yearly mileage will be. We then agree your initial and monthly payments to suit your price point. At the end of your deal, you will have nothing else to pay when you hand your car back, providing the car is in good condition and is within the agreed mileage. You can have the freedom then to start a new contract on a new BMW. 

Despite it seeming that BMWs are out of the price range of many, you can afford the car you want and at the right price. Contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre to find out more about the cars on offer. 

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