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Published Date: 7/4/2016

BMW i8 interior

The BMW i brand has set a precedent for the future of motoring and as the sports car is held in such high regard, the models of the future need to have a way of surviving.

The first steps have been taken with BMW’s offering, the BMW i8, which not only looks futuristic, but also is leading the way for motoring in the next few years.

From the outside, the sleek design, short overhang over the wheels and aerodynamic features help to put a modern twist on the sports car, which is also distinctively BMW.

With superb dihedral-folding doors that fold up from the front pillars, the i8 is striking to look at to say the least and thanks to a lightweight construction are 50 per cent lighter than those built normally.

The interior is also extremely well designed, with the ergonomic positioning of the features and also the modern look and feel that help to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the future. With the NESO, CARPO or HALO trim, you get great comfort with sustainable or recycled materials that help to convey the forward-looking nature of the i8.

However the feature that makes the i8 a model of the future is the superb powertrain and performance that will help to propel sports car technology into the next evolution of motoring and drive the industry forward. With the BMW eDrive system, the electric system under the bonnet can power the i8 for up to 23 miles and at speeds up to 37mph, which makes it perfect for cruising through town or if you need to save some fuel.

The great thing about the system installed in the i8 is the symbiotic relationship between the three-cylinder petrol engine and the electric motor. The electric motor powers the front wheels, whilst the petrol engine drives the rear set helping with control and performance in SPORT mode. The battery can be charged by the petrol engine or by regenerative braking to help reduce the loss of emissions and keep the efficiency as high as possible.

COMFORT and ECO PRO modes use the electric power to get away, before introducing the petrol power over 37mph. ECO PRO alters the performance of the car to save as much power and fuel as possible, such as the accelerator and heating systems. You can also charge your i8 at home with the Home Charging installation or using ChargeNow facilities, which can be found through the ConnectedDrive system. 

Technology abounds in the cabin, with BMW ConnectedDrive and Navigation infotainment system, TeleService and Concierge Service features, and Driver Assistance systems which, with the help of sensors all around the car, assist you in knowing your surroundings and can reduce the risk of an accident.

The BMW i8 is a superb piece of modern engineering and is bringing the sports car industry through to a new age. The i8 starts at £104,540 and for more information on this model, contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre.

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