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Published Date: 6/13/2016

Motorsport and BMW have gone hand-in-hand for over 70 years, and since the late 1970s BMW has been making road-going ‘M’ machines to rule the road as well as the track.

Since the M1 was released in 1978, the M division has produced some of BMW’s best and most hard-core models, including the iconic M3 CSL, E34 M5 and E30 M3.

The current line-up of M division vehicles are made to an incredibly high standard to make sure the performance and feel are as good as they can be, making the M models some of the best in the world.

Starting from the smallest offering in the M range, the M2 Coupé, it is clear M division makes sure the design and feel of its models are of superb quality in their first M-tuned 2 series. With the well-designed 2 series as its base, the M2 has sporty design tweaks to make it look more edgy and muscular. With M detailing throughout, you can tell you are sat in a quality piece of kit, thanks to the reputation ‘M’ has made for itself over the years. Powered by a 365hp turbocharged 6-cylinder, the M2 can be unlimited from 155mph up to 168mph, giving you the full taste of M Power.

The 3 Series has been a constant part of the road-going M division since the mid-80s with the E30 M3, and the latest model carries on the excellent tradition that its predecessors have built up. With an ergonomically-focused interior to make sure you have everything you need close to hand, the special M division-designed seats and driver-orientated features make the interior feel as sporty as possible. The 6-cylinder turbocharged 3.0-litre engine under the bonnet produces 431hp and is capable of 174mph when the electronic limiter is taken off, and is described as one of the best drivers cars in the world, thanks to its superb Active M Differential and lightweight construction. This is arguably one of the best cars in the world, and for very good reason.

4 Series vehicles have been a recent edition to the M workshops, and with the 4 Series Cabriolet available to them, M division decided to take both the 4 Series coupé and cabriolet to town and turn them into hardened models. The sleek M4 Coupé is obviously designed with performance in mind, with the motorsport styling features both inside and out. With aerodynamic alterations and a 431hp turbo engine, it can go up to a limited 155mph. The Cabriolet is designed in much the same vein, with a hardtop-folding roof helping it look very similar to the Coupé. It is very well designed and helps it maintain the good looks of the hardtop version. The interior of both is very well finished, with leather seats and trim, and with driver-orientated controls, the M4 pairing are designed with sport in mind.

The jewel in the M series crown is the high-end saloon offered by BMW, the M5. A vehicles that has had some truly iconic iterations in the past has been continually considered one of, if not the, best sports saloon, the M5 is a mature option in the M range thanks to the well-fitted interior and less than obvious design tweaks, it has a great feel for the everyday as well as on the track. It is one of the more inconspicuous M cars on first glance, but thanks to the V8 turbocharged 560hp under the bonnet, it could be considered a track monster thanks to the Active M differential, sports suspension and seven-speed double-clutch transmission, you get a true feeling of sportiness and superb performance. With excellent technology fitted as standard, such as a fantastic infotainment system, safety systems and iDrive Touch system to keep you in control.

Much like the 4 Series, the high-end 6 Series has options in body styles, with the Coupé, Convertible and Gran Coupé all having an M upgrade to offer. The extended body of the 6 Series is given design features to make it look even sportier, and with a similar sporty yet refined design inside, the M6 range gives both great performance and great comfort. The luxurious convertible has a superb soft-top folding roof to keep weight down and also keep the classic design of the normal version. With the extended lines and well-fitted interior, you get a lavish feel from the M6 Convertible, which is something you would expect from a premium option. The Gran Coupé also gets the M treatment and with the extra two doors on top of the coupé version, the superb design isn’t lost in any way. The opulent leather interior is the same as in the Coupé and the Convertible and with the carbon roof like on the coupé, it has been lightened and tuned to give you the best driving feel and performance possible. 

The SUV M models are also a great option, with the X5 M and X6 M both available. With additional M detailing inside and out, the SUV models don’t feel any less sporty than the saloon and coupés apart from the shape. The ergonomic and well-trimmed interior help to give the best comfort and sporty feel to the SUV models. Both use xDrive, which help to keep the X5 and X6 M models as stable as possible on the road and on rougher terrain. They also come with an eight-speed steptronic M gearbox with Drivelogic to help make it more efficient and smoother to drive. There is also plenty of space available to use and with the high-up seating position, you can have imposing look on the road.

The M range has been one of BMW’s great sectors, and with the current models, they continue the great tradition of the previous versions of M cars, and shows the brand has a great future.

For more information on the M division and the cars in the range, contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre to find out more.

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