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Published Date: 04/01/2016

Introducing the BMW M4 GTS

Every BMW M car is special, but the M4 GTS is something beyond that.

As the fastest ever production car offered for sale to customers for road use, the M4 GTS is the peak of BMW's sports-oriented design, power and driving dynamics to date.

Introducing the BMW M4 GTS
At the heart of an M car is its engine, and the M4 GTS has something particularly special lurking under the bonnet. It is, as with the regular M4 and M3, a 3-litre, six-cylinder petrol engine, but in this application it has been tuned to provide 500hp - nearly 70hp more than the original unit.

To achieve this, the M4 GTS uses water injection technology. A fine spray of water is injected to reduce the temperature of intake air, in turn reducing the temperature in the combustion chamber, allowing for higher boost pressures and advanced spark timing. The system operates from a 5 litre water reservoir in the boot that would need to be topped up after hard track driving but far less frequently in road use.

The first road car to be fitted with this technology, the BMW M4 GTS is 0.3s faster to 60mph than the regular M4 - while returning a better combined fuel economy figure of 34mpg, equivalent to 199g/km CO2.

A weight reduction program which sees extensive use of structural carbon fibre-reinforced plastic in the bonnet and roof and carbon-fibre bucket seats means that the M4 GTS weighs just 1,510kg, for a power-to-weight ratio of 331hp/tonne.

A front splitter reduces front end lift by 25% - useful with a limited top speed of 190mph - while the rear wing can be adjusted to one of three positions for road and track use. The three-way M coilover suspension – specially tuned for this model – can be adjusted to individual tastes and also to the demands of different race circuits. This all adds up to a Nürburgring lap time of 7'28, nearly 30 seconds quicker than a standard M4.

An optional Clubsport package is available for no cost and adds a roll cage in Acid Orange behind the front seats, race-specification six-point harness and a fire extinguisher. You can also add less track-focussed accessories, like BMW Online Entertainment and Internet to allow in car connection to online music streaming and internet access.

The M4 GTS will be on sale in March 2016, at a price of £120,770 - with an optional Carbon Fibre Interior Performance Package for £1,090. Production will be limited 700 cars, with 30 of those bound for the UK.

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