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Published Date: 15/06/2016

BMW i8 Individual Paint
The future of motoring if continually looking towards the use of electric power, and since 2013, BMW has been finding the capabilities in some of its recent road cars, and is beginning the electric revolution.

With the i3 hatchback and i8 sports car BMW has showed off what is possible in the modern age and has offered an insight into what the car could be looking like in the next decade as technology develops.

The i3 is a pure electric vehicle that accommodates five and performs just as well as any other small MPV. The modern design accentuated on the outside continues inside, with the clean and lightweight format helping to keep the car as economical as possible.

The base model has a range of 125 miles from its electric power unit, and thanks to software in the navigation system you can make sure you make the most of your battery’s range. If you need additional range, BMW offers a range extender to make sure you can go further in your i3 and make the most of clean driving. The small two-cylinder petrol engine maintains your power levels and adds a further 80 miles to the range of your i3.

i3’s electric motor has three modes to give you the performance you need, with COMFORT, ECO PRO and ECO PRO + helping you to get what you want out of the i3. The latter two offer more range than the standard 125 miles so can be useful for extended journeys.

As a sports car, the i8 can offer excellent performance and with the aid of a small petrol engine, the electric motor can perform at an incredibly high level. The electric unit adds 129hp to the 228hp coming from the turbocharged 1.5-litre engine, and helps to make the range 330 miles. With the mpg figures usually above 50, this car goes a fair distance for the power on offer.

Also when in SPORT mode, the electric power unit, which gets the i8 up to speed thanks to a large amount of torque, is supplemented by the petrol engine to provide superb performance, speed and feel, making the i8 a superb electric-powered vehicle. With eDrive and three power modes, the i8 can help you maximise the electric potential of the vehicle.

Both vehicles allow for public or home charging and can adapt to your lifestyle, as charging points become more widespread around the country. As electric ranges of vehicles improve, so will the capabilities of the power units, and BMW is at the forefront of the revolution. BMW will push the boundaries of the electric vehicle, and will continue to do so in the future.

To find out more about the electric range at BMW, contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre to find out more.

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