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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 13/12/2016

We are now in the season where roads surfaces are treacherous, the weather is unpredictable and you need a reassured drive to stay stable on your travels.

BMW xDrive technology

BMW offers the xDrive experience, which gives selected vehicles in the range all-wheel drive that offers better grip, improved handling and a more efficient power output. This smart system uses an electronically-controlled gearbox and multi-plate clutch to ensure that power is distributed evenly across the axles for the best and most stable drive possible.

If wheel slip is detected at any point, the xDrive system detects the source of the problem and reacts within a tenth of a second and directs the power to the axle with the most grip to regain control.

xDrive works in tandem with Dynamic Stability Control, which helps to detect spinning wheels and then applies the brakes to prevent further spinning. The system also helps to reduce under and oversteer, which allows the driver to regain control without a disruption in performance.

Dynamic Performance Control also improves performance and grip by using torque vectoring to control the power output to each wheel by adding more or taking some away to help prevent under and oversteer. For the trickier winter conditions, xDrive is the perfect tool to help you through it, and with the system available on almost every BMW model, you can pair it to your favourite BMW car as well.

For more information on the xDrive system and which trim levels it is available on for the different BMW models, contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre or read more here.

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