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Published Date: 2/8/2016

BMW tops sustainable company survey

BMW has topped the Global 100 table of the world's most sustainable companies in 2016 conducted by Corporate Knights.

In this annual survey, companies are judged on their use of water and energy, how much waste they generate and how they manage their finances, including investments and payment of tax. Employee satisfaction is also considered via analysis of staff turnover as well as safety and the pay disparity between senior and junior positions at the company.

BMW tops sustainable company survey

BMW performed commendably in all areas, with water conservatively used, energy used efficiently and the minimal waste that is generated disposed of efficiently. It was observed to have a “responsible approach to paying taxes” as well as investing heavily in innovations.

Employee turnover was observed to be low, indicating that the satisfaction and skill of the BMW workforce is high. The ratio of pay between managing roles and subordinate roles indicated a level of pay equality that impressed by comparison to other companies.

Of course BMW has a focus on sustainable motoring, particularly through the i brand. BMW i cars use as many renewable and recycled materials as possible - and it's not just about the cars. The BMW i philosophy is about sustainable personal motability, connecting the end-user to public transport in crowded cities.

The results of Corporate Knights' survey, revealing the top 100 sustainable companies, were released at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland in January and BMW was not only top of the list but one of only two vehicle manufacturers to make the top 100.

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