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Published Date: 28/01/2016

BMW Retail Online - buying a new BMW the easy way

We're now deep in the internet era and everyone is better connected - even our cars are connected. With 97% of car buyers researching their purchase online beforehand, it's time that car buying became connected too.

BMW Retail Online - buying a new BMW the easy way

Global online commerce is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2020 and nearly half of all buyers would consider getting their car online, with the average number of visits to a dealership before purchase down from 4 in 1998 to 1.4 today.

With this in mind, BMW has launched a unique buying solution, named BMW Retail Online. Potential BMW buyers can, with just a few clicks, build their perfect car, arrange a test drive, agree financing options and payment, get a trade-in value for their own car and arrange a final delivery date online, whenever and wherever they want.

If you're not sure which BMW best suits your needs, your online journey will start with "[Find your BMW |]". This optional tool helps customers find the ideal vehicle for their needs, with four simple questions - where do you drive, how many people ride in your car, what needs to fit in your boot and what’s important to you. This tool then suggests three preconfigured cars with options bought by most other customers in the UK, and you can either select the car as-is with "Buy your BMW" or head to the detailed configuration tool.

The car configurator allows you to build a car to the finest detail and, when you're satisfied you can click "Buy your BMW". This will then inform you of the likely wait time of your chosen vehicle and suggest alternatives with a faster delivery date.

You're then given the option of selecting your retailer, and 95% of BMW UK retailers including [Cooper BMW | link] have signed up to the service. With BMW Financial Services fully integrated into BMW Retail Online you can arrange finance options, get a valuation of your own vehicle and even pay the deposit or the full price online.

Though the buying process can all be done online if you wish, there's still the option of some human interaction to provide personal guidance and peace of mind for the customer when required. Multi-channel chat options (webchat or email) mirror the in-showroom BMW Genius experience and are offered from 8am to 10pm.

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