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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 16/07/2016

BMW is leading the way with both Electric and Hybrid vehicles, and with the current range of both stylish and forward-looking vehicles, it is good to know what each one does and which one suits you the best.

Fitted with a lithium-ion high performance, the electric motor can have a range of up to 25 miles, meaning no emissions in small bursts. This electric motor can also be used to provide great acceleration with the eBoost function, giving you a more dynamic experience. With fantastic energy management as standard, such as Brake Energy Regeneration, you can use the excellent electric system to the maximum.

With three power modes, you can utilise the electric motor how you want. In AUTO eDRIVE mode sorts out the most efficient way of using the petrol and electric motors together and can be engaged between 12% and 100% charge. MAX eDRIVE uses the electric motor on its own, but when the power has been drained or you reach a high enough speed, the petrol engine switches on automatically. SAVE BATTERY mode allows the engine to be charged by the petrol engine through brake energy regeneration and various other techniques to get the charge you require for more electric driving.

Thanks to the BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine, you have a highly efficient and well-performing engine that offers fantastic fuel figures and low emissions stats, and has been engineered perfectly to work alongside the electric motor.

The other Plug-in hybrid that BMW offers is also quite special, as it is the next generation of sports cars that can revolutionise how we drive and can also save the sports car for the next generation. The BMW i8 combines both an electric motor and a four-cylinder petrol engine, which together produce 362 horsepower. With the lightweight construction, that means it goes from 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds and to a limited top speed of 155mph.

All of the BMW PHEVs can be charged either at a public charging station or at home using the Wallbox system, which cleverly charges your car in an efficient manner.

For fully electric cars, you need to look at the BMW i3. The i3 full electric vehicle is the next step in the family vehicle, as it uses an excellent electric system with a great range whilst also being light thanks to its carbon fibre structure and well-performing with the eDrive driving mode. It also can intelligently plan your journey so that you can get as much range out of the batteries as possible. With a base 125-mile range, you can add a petrol generator or Range Extender to give you an extra 81 miles on one charge and it switches on when your battery level is low giving you enough time to get to your nearest charging station.

Available as both a pure electric and a hybrid vehicle, cars like the i3 could be the way forward, as they don’t compromise on interior accessories either, with sat-nav, infotainment system and advanced safety systems fitted as standard.

So the choice is yours whether you want a highly efficient hybrid vehicle with plug-in capabilities, or a pure electric vehicle that can, if needs be, use the power of petrol as a helping hand.

To find out more about the PHEV and Pure Electric ‘i’ range, contact your nearest Cooper BMW Centre.

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