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At Cooper BMW, we want to ensure you stay on the road for as long as possible, and with our servicing and repair options, we hope to keep your vehicle in the best condition and repair it if needs be.


BMW i3 wins Golden Steering Wheel award

The all-electric BMW i3 has won the Auto Bild/Bild am Sonntag ‘Golden Steering Wheel’ award, three years after it won the 'Green Steering Wheel' award.


BMW xDrive

We are now in the season where roads surfaces are treacherous, the weather is unpredictable and you need a reassured drive to stay stable on your travels.


BMW 7 Series named Professional Driver Car of the Year 2016

The BMW 730Ld has been awarded the Car of the Year award at the Professional Driver Car of the Year Awards 2016, while also picking up the award for Chauffeur Car of the Year.


This little care guide will show you why some car chores are worth the effort

We are a society that depends on instantaneous lifestyles, connectivity and digital solutions. In fact, we are the impatient generation and therefore laborious tasks like car maintenance feel like a chore.


The new 2017 BMW 5 series

The BMW 5 Series has been the quintessential mid-size saloon since the 1970s, and for six generations it has proven to be a market leader in reliability, comfort and performance.


The new BMW 740e and 740Le xDrive

As the flagship saloon in the BMW range, the 7 Series has comfort, style and dynamic driving on hand to make it one of the best saloons currently available.


The Escape

BMW has a reputation of producing great short films to show off its adaptable and widely-lauded range, thanks to the eight action shorts in 'The Hire' series.


The BMW X2 Concept

The BMW X2 Concept is a continuation of the X series, and at the Paris Motor Show this year, the brand wanted to show off the coupe-style SUV concept.


The evolution of the 1 series

BMW's 1 Series has been around since 2004, and it has become the leading name in the premium compact car market.


Why the BMW 4 Series is the perfect city car

Thanks to its intelligent design, the 4 Series is one of BMW's most adaptable models, and with the need for practicality and efficiency in the inner city, the 4 Series helps to fill that requirement.


1 Series vs 3 Series - which one is right for you?

With a similar breadth of talents but a number of key differences, which of the hatchback 1 Series and saloon 3 Series would be the best for you?


The evolution of the BMW 6 Series

With a history stretching back 40 years, the 6 Series is a long-serving, executive coupe.


BMW 3 Series - Saloon, Touring or GT?

The BMW 3 Series range is one of the widest in the company’s portfolio, but which is best for you?


Why you can afford a car from your BMW dealer today

BMW is proud to cater for most people’s budgets so that you can get the car you want for a reasonable and affordable price


The M Series: A Guide

Motorsport and BMW have been seen together for a long time now, over 70 years in fact, and since the late 1970s, BMW has been making road-going ‘M’ machines to rule the road as well as the track.


Getting your 2 Series interior just right

The 2 Series is a well-built, practical and surprisingly spacious small coupe, and BMW offers many interior options to make it feel as comfortable and useful as possible.


What's the best BMW for me?

Catering for all needs, the BMW model range packs in more than 25 different vehicles across 15 model lines, so picking the right BMW may be a challenge.


Hybrid BMWs: What do you need to know?

The hybrid vehicle is becoming increasingly common on the UK's roads and with several ways to add electric motion to your BMW there's no better time to get on board.


What you need to know before choosing a BMW dealer

Find out about the wide range of BMW products and services only available at BMW Centres


The benefits of a BMW electric car

BMW is a spearhead in the pursuit of sustainable motoring and the premium i models are helping to lead the charge towards a greener future.


BMWs Through the Decades

Since the establishment of Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke as an aeroplane manufacturer in 1916, BMW has been striving to create the best and have done so for the past 100 years.


BMW concept tech used in real life

Concept cars are considerably more important than you might immediately think. Although many seem like unrealistic prospects as production cars, it's often the components that are key rather than the whole, as concepts feature technologies that filter to future models.


BMWs for the Business Commuter

For business users, style, comfort and performance are important features on their cars that help to make them more efficient workers and can get them to and from events in good time.


BMW at the Movies

Films are an important tool to show off cars for any company, and for BMW, there have been some iconic models in movies, with some being more prominent than others.


M3 and M4 Competition Package

It's fair to say that BMW didn't exactly bring the M3 and M4 to market short on performance, yet 2016 sees both receive an upgrade in that department.


How BMW revolutionised the electric car

The future of motoring if continually looking towards the use of electric power, and BMW is beginning the electric revolution.


30 years of BMW AWD

Although BMW's reputation has been traditionally built on the driving experience of rear-wheel drive, it's been a four-wheel drive pioneer for 30 years too.


BMW tops sustainable company survey

BMW has topped the Global 100 table of the world's most sustainable companies in 2016 conducted by Corporate Knights.


Why the BMW 3 Series is still the leader of the pack

The BMW 3 Series is now 40 years old and has been the car to beat in the family saloon sector since the first generation model was launched in 1975.


Understanding BMW Efficient Dynamics

If you're familiar with BMW's model range, you'll have seen the term 'Efficient Dynamics' applied to a selection of cars - but what is Efficient Dynamics?


BMW i3 the perfect emergency vehicle

BMW already has an excellent reputation in the UK for providing emergency vehicles. The 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 particularly see use as police and rapid response cars.


BMW Retail Online - buying a new BMW the easy way

We're now deep in the internet era and everyone is better connected - even our cars are connected. With 97% of car buyers researching their purchase online beforehand, it's time that car buying became connected too.



BMW is almost synonymous with motorsports.


BMW model updates for Spring 2016

BMW has made a few model revisions fresh for 2016 to keep the range lineup as attractive as ever.


Classic BMW Concept Cars

Few manufacturers are as active in the concept car world as BMW.


Introducing the BMW M4 GTS

Every BMW M car is special, but the M4 GTS is something beyond that.