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Published Date: 18/07/2015

This comes according to a survey by, which found that 42 per cent of BMW drivers would be open to buying an all-electric, zero emissions car.

During the survey, a total of 8,154 BMW owners were asked if they would consider buying an electric model with a range of 300 miles from one charge.

Of the respondents, 17 per cent said that they would definitely buy one, while a quarter replied that they'd give it serious thought.

The survey also took into account responses from Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar owners, with roughly a quarter of them saying that they would consider making the switch to an all-electric model.

By comparison, only 17 per cent of BMW drivers said that they'd never consider buying an electric, while 15 per cent said that they were unsure.

A spokesman for said: "BMW drivers are perhaps more open but, with around 40 per cent of all prestige brand car owners surveyed saying they would, or would seriously consider, buying an all-electric car, manufacturers interested in retaining their market share must take note."

Of all the prestige brands listed, BMW is the furthest ahead in the electric race, with a multi-million Euro investment in electric technology and with an electric model currently on offer, along with a range of hybrids including the high-performance i8.

BMW's all-electric i3 has received critical acclaim for finally bringing to the table an electric vehicle that's not only eco-friendly, but practical and also fun to drive.

The i3 has a top speed of 93mph and can do the 0-62mph sprint in 7.2 seconds according to the manufacturer, meaning that it has the potential to shame many conventionally-powered hatchbacks.

It's also incredibly well-equipped on the inside, with SatNav, climate and cruise control features, keyless start and entry, heated seats, auto wipers and headlights, illuminated charging socket, DAB digital radio and much more as standard.

Being all-electric, the fuel economy on the i3 is befittingly high; on battery power alone, BMW claim that the car can return up to 100 miles on a single charge. For longer-distance trips, the Range Extender version of the model offers extra mileage and reassurance with its petrol generator, which delivers about 40mpg.

In addition, both the i3 and the i8 will benefit from BMW's Life-Drive architecture, which aims to increase efficiency through the use of light-weight material. Both cars will come with specially-designed, while the i8 will have a windscreen, doors and bumpers made from polycarbonate glass, while the body has been specially designed to reduce drag.

The spokesman also said: "Our 132,872 car owner reviews have major themes; the most popular being fuel economy. This survey shows that fuel economy is just as attractive to the motorists with high disposable income as those on a tighter budget."

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