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Published Date: 12/02/2015

Manhart Performance has unveiled details of their soon to be released MHX5 750 – based on the new BMW X5 M.

Although the BMW X5 M isn’t on sale to the public yet – Manhart Racing have already produced their own version, known as the MHX5 750.

It may same unbelievable that Manhart Racing can get 740bhp out of the X5 M but they do have form – they created the MH4 550 that managed to produce 542bhp instead of the standard 425bhp.

The torque levels from the MHX5 750 is incredible – it can go over and beyond the 1,000Nm benchmark – a truly amazing feat.

Exact details of the performance package are yet to be revealed but we can safely assume Manhart have given the turbochargers a real good going over as well as replacing the exhaust system with a custom-made version.

Alongside these performance features, the Manhart BMW X5M also comes with a smart body kit which includes revised bumpers, spoiler lip, sport vented hood, side skirts, roof spoiler, and a rear diffuser with cut-outs for four meaty tailpipes, finished in black.

Manhart have upgraded the turbochargers, reflash the ECU, changed the admissions and the exhaust system with one engineered in-house.

Exterior looks are striking – the bonnet has been changed with a vented option, the front bumper has been given a new spoiler and the rear one given a new diffuser with four huge exhaust.

The wheels have also been changed to a special Manhart matte black and they certainly draw the eye!

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