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Published Date: 14/09/2015

As great as a BMW M3 is as standard, there are some really cool extras that can make it even more special to be inside.

Whether you want something to make you more comfortable or something that will make driving simpler, the BMW has that as an optional extra to ensure you get the most out of your car.

Lets explore a few of the options that will complete your BMW M3.

Steering wheel heating – On a cold winters day in Britain, a cold steering wheel can make driving quite the chore. Not with a new BMW M3, as you can have a heated steering wheel as an added extra to ensure that your hands are kept warm on even the coldest days. This optional extra costs £155.

TV Function – The TV function means that you can watch digital terrestrial TV channels (DVB-T) when the vehicle is stopped. If optional screens are fitted on the rear seats, then everyone in the car can pull over and watch their favourite show. This extra will cost £825.

Seat heating, rear – Most top-of-the-range cars come with front heated seats, however in the BMW M3 you can have rear-heated seats as well. This means that on a cold day, everyone in the car gets the luxuries of being warm, not just those in the front seats. It costs £280 to have the rear seats heated.

Armrest, front with sliding adjustment – This added extra ensures that there is always a comfortable seating position for the driver. It also has an integrated storage compartment below, which is handy for mobile phones and wallets. The cost of this extra is £45.

Extended storage – This package includes a lid on the driver’s side, bags on the backs of the front seats, and storage net on the luggage compartment floor. This means that both the cabin and the boot can be less clustered resulting in it being more comfortable for passengers. This extra will cost £155.

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