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Published Date: 9/14/2015

The BMW X5 is the German manufacturer’s reliable SUV and has been a presence on the UK roads since 1999.

With the X5 comes lots of good packages to personalise the interior as well as adding some hi-tech equipment and features.

Here are some of the packages that you can add to the already great X5…

Cold weather package

The cold weather package means that no matter how cold it is outside the cabin will be warm. Choose this as an option and you will get heated seats front and rear as well as a heated steering wheel for the comfort of the driver.

Night vision with dynamic light spot

This option makes driving at night much easier. It doesn’t matter how dark the roads, the system can detect people and larger animals during the night, even at a significant distance.

Rear seat entertainment package

Adding this package will ensure that those in the rear seats are always kept entertained. It adds screens onto the back of the front seats with a TV function so they can watch their favourite shows.

Active security package

The addition of this package will ensure that your X5 is as secure as possible. It includes a speed limit display to ensure you are obeying the law, as well as a lane changing warning system that sees things in your blind spot for you.

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