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Published Date: 14/03/2015

Tate liveUPDATE: Please note, the "Spacial Confessions" event has now ended. But fear not, we've got a live recording of the performance right here just in case you missed it.

The series "Spatial Confessions" curated by performance theorist and maker Bojana Cvejic, is part of the BMW Tate Live program and will be showing in late May.

The BMW Tate Live program is a long-running partnership between BMW and the Tate, which explores different types of cultural performance, art and digital space.

"Spatial Confessions" is the latest project by BMW Tate Live and is a performance event, which includes live and online performances of people in the public. It shows how people represent themselves differently in different life situations: as citizens and as private individuals. 

As a confessional space, those who attend the performance event will become part of the project by answering a range of questions, including those about political and personal issues in their everyday life. 

Working with the attendees to the BMW Tate Live project, Bojana Cvejic will be defining where visitors movements, postures and shapes emerge, going on to turn these into a pattern. This will be aided by a choreographer and captured by a filmmaker at the event.

With this event, as with all its events, BMW Tate Live aims to reach an international audience through new forms of art, addressing audience’s changing needs, tastes and interests in art. 

Complementing the "Spatial Confessions" performance event, there will also be a new work produced for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room.

This installation again includes members of the public who will also be asked political and personal questions and to perform movements or rearrange themselves in the space.

With this second leg of the program Cvejic, along with her team of choreographers and performance theorists aim to get attendees to move in such a way that reflects their responses to the questions they are being asked.

The BMW Tate Live Performance Room will be streaming these live performances online and they will be watched by a global audience. 

The BMW Tate Live "Spatial Confessions" event will place this week, in the Tate Modern, London. 


Miss the event? Fear not, here is a live performance captured on the 22nd May:

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