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Published Date: 23/01/2014

CES highlightsThe Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the main destination for anyone wanting to see the latest products and prototypes before they're available.

This year's event has had its fair share of drama, most notably involving film director Michael Bay walking off stage during a presentation. CES 2014 has also seen the launch of some major trends, though, including flexible televisions, 'smart' washing machines and virtual reality helmets. BMW have also had a major presence at CES, and at Cooper BMW we've been particularly keen on the self-driving cars and advances in the BMW i3 that have been emerging at the show.

BMW's 'Drift' Cars

Self driving cars from BMW are becoming more practical every year, and CES 2014 represented a major launchpad for some of the brand's potential for the future. A 2 Series Coupe and a 6 Series Gran Coupe were tested on a Las Vegas track, demonstrating the potential to take corners and 'drift' without the driver having to steer. With Parking Assist tech also on show at CES, the 'drift' capacity of the BMW cars was a major success, with examples of the tech in action available below:

The BMW self driving car at CES, while not completely autonomous, at least demonstrated how far engineering has come in being able to predict and handle tight corners and difficult maneuvers. The route for the test run was programmed into the BMW models using GPS, and relied on automated sensors to change direction, with the driver still able to take control of the car if necessary. Future enhancements to driverless cars from BMW might potentially include a Lateral Control Unit and a Longitudinal Unit, as well as Intersection and Evasion Assists.
BMW i3 Updates

CES 2014 also saw BMW introduce some exciting new features for the all-electric i3 , which included links between the car and the Samsung Galaxy Gear; the device can monitor battery life and driving range, while also being able to transmit real-time GPS to the i3's dashboard. Building upon the use of iDrive in recent BMW's, the connection between the Samsung Gear and the i3 is designed to improve the efficiency of all-electric driving. More details can be seen here:

Not to be upstaged by the self-driving tech at show at CES, BMW i3 was also demonstrated with new parallel parking assists. The i3 was able to navigate into parking spots using radar and ultrasonic sensors, and was able to fit into approximately 22 inch spaces without a driver having to use the wheel. The tech represents one that's being rolled out for most new BMW models, and further showcases the convenience of an all-electric drivetrain for urban navigation.

The 2014 CES show in Las Vegas therefore represented another positive year for BMW in an event that featured multiple hybrids and innovations in car accessories. BMW particularly stole the show for manyreviewers , though, with the advances suggested in self-driving cars and parking reinforcing the brand's reputation for technical excellence.

It's worth, then, making a visit local Cooper BMW dealership to learn more about the i3 and how you can take advantage of current BMW tech for the New Year.

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