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Published Date: 25/11/2013

TestDriveWant to know what superior handling and performance feels like? 

Come along to the Cooper BMW xDrive event to put our advanced all-wheel drive system to the test!

Between the 15th and 17th November 2013, you can take to the road in a range of xDrive models to find out exactly what the all-wheel-drive system really feels like! All you need to do is get in touch with us to secure your appointment and then decide which car you want to take for a test drive!

This really is an excellent opportunity to get behind the wheel of premium car – but what exactly can you expect? The answer is best-in-class driving dynamics with precise handling, optimum cornering and improved traction.

BMW xDrive is the most technologically advanced all-wheel-drive system in the premium car class, and it is unique to BMW. It is a permanent, fully variable system that controls all four wheels of your vehicle, offering a fully variable torque split, for ultimate all-weather, all-surface handling.

Models with xDrive technology

Also available to test drive will be the NEW X5 - BEING LAUNCHED ON 16 NOVEMBER!

xDrive xPlained!

So, what is all the fuss about? Whilst getting behind the wheel and taking a BMW with xDrive technology for a test drive is the best way to feel the impact all-wheel drive can have on handling, let us share with you the inner workings of the xDrive system, so you can understand how it works.

What does it do?

The intelligent all-wheel-drive system ensures traction is kept to a minimum on each axle providing all the benefits of rear-wheel-drive:
  • Precise handling
  • Optimum cornering
  • Improved traction

When does it do it?

If more torque has to be applied to the road, for example in adverse driving conditions, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) comes into operation.

How does it do it?

In just one tenth of a second almost 100% of the engine torque is distributed to the front or rear axle via the transmission and an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch before returning to the normal 40:60 distribution ratio.


To join us between the 15 and 17 November contact your local Cooper BMW Retail Centre to secure your appointment.

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