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Published Date: 05/02/2013

The State of SustainabilityThe benchmark for sustainability in the automotive industry has been raised, and once again without compromising the high standards of style and quality craftsmanship we have come to expect from BMW.

The latest version of the BMW’s concept i3 uses sustainable resources to create a quality interior, and is built to run on electricity, so notches up extra green points with zero emissions. The overall result is that “BMW i3 Concept has at least one-third less global warming potential (CO2 equivalent) over its entire product life cycle.” compared to a vehicle of the same class.

BMW has a few key ingredients that promise to deliver sustainable and intelligent mobility.

These include using:

  • European eucalyptus wood which emits same amount of CO2 as it stores
  • Olive leaf extract to tan the leather upholstery
  • Wood from 100% sustainable forests in Europe to reduce delivery route

Using these materials aids sustainable production techniques in a number of stages, helping to cut the energy used in the making of the vehicle, and therefore the carbon footprint of manufacture. BMW are also making it easier to plan for a future where recycling is an important feature of the process too with the aim of setting a president in sustainability in intelligent automobile manufacture.

See what the world looks like with the BMW i3 in it...


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