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Published Date: 3/28/2013

Royals to get armourRoyals To Get Armour Plated BMW Protection

If you were ever in any doubt about the awesome engineering behind BMW, then the news that the high security royal vehicle built by the German manufacturer has been dubbed an ‘uber-technical land yacht’ should set the record straight.

According to news reports Scotland Yard is currently running tests on an armour plated BMW 760 that has been commissioned to protect the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall from would-be attackers.

The car is said to be capable of repelling gunfire and poisonous gas. A special alarm can detect poisonous fumes and is capable of closing windows and engaging locking systems as well as supplying the passengers with breathable air from an in-built oxygen supply.

Other features include:

  • Concealed microphones for communication to people on the outside without opening windows
  • Remote ignition in case explosives are connected to a starter system
  • Anti-kidnap boot lock that can be opened remotely by police

The BMW 760 High Security vehicle is said to be second only in protective capabilities to Cadillac One, the security car in place for the president of the United States.

BMW 7 Series High Security Vehicles are fully compliant with the requirements of the class VR7 ballistic protection standard, and BMW are the first car manufacturer to offer this standard of protection. Check out this great trailer from the manufacturer that highlights all the best bits of BMW high security vehicles from the 5 series through to the 7 series.

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