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Published Date: 16/09/2013

Earlier this month hundreds of thousands internet users in China shared their number one regret on twitter using the hashtag #CtrlZDay to mark what was believed to be a new Holiday in the country.

Bloggers were fooled into thinking that the second Friday in July was a Worldwide Day of Regret, and encouraged to share what they would ‘undo’ in their lives if there was a Ctrl-Z function for everyday mistakes or regrets.

The response was huge, and within just a few days BMW revealed that Ctrl Z Day was in fact a viral ad to promote the Z4, encouraging people to drive their sports car without regret. The response to the reveal was accepted well by most. The post released by BMW about the ad contained the following statement:

“Life is not a flat road. There will inevitably be setbacks, a few of which you will have no choice over, but regret can’t reverse them. Rather than remembering the past, it is better to look forward to the future. Life doesn’t have a Ctrl Z. Control Z4: drive and have no regret!”

Watch the video on BMW’s dedicated YouKu channel in China.

This is a story about control...

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