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Published Date: 21/09/2013

To celebrate the fifteenth birthday of Gran Turismo, BMW has partnered with Polyphony Digital, the game’s creators, to design a concept car that will be recreated as part of Gran Turismo 6, which is due to be released in December this year.

The BMW Vision Gran Turismo is an exclusive, virtual concept car, which gamers will be able to drive when the much anticipated car hits screens later this year.

The car, which is derived from BMW’s M series, has already got BMW fans discussing whether it could be a sneak preview of an upcoming vehicle.

As part of the project, the BMW Vision Gran Turismo will be released to owners of Gran Turismo 6 through online updates as gifted downloadable content, alongside concept vehicles designed by other leading car brands.

Commenting on the project, Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW Group Design, said: “Gran Turismo and BMW share the mutual genes of enthusiasm for modern and classic cars. I have known the Gran Turismo series right from the beginning - the increased level of realism in visualisation and the authentic driving experience in Gran Turismo 6 is incredibly impressive.”

BMW has seen the opportunity to work with Polyphony Digital as the chance to showcase the company’s design vision and its creativity, and the BMW Vision Gran Turismo has been designed exclusively for the latest game in the series.

With the series having sold in excess of 70 million copies around the world since it first hit the shelves fifteen years ago, the BMW Vision Gran Turismo is sure to give great driving pleasure to a huge amount of people.

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