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Published Date: 19/09/2013

So the car of the future is shortly to be unveiled in the UK. But is it worth the wait?

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, there is a reason why this car has been very hotly anticipated: concepts and prototypes have teased media and BMW fans alike, but in April 2014 UK buyers will be able to get their hands on one.

From the outside, this is an undeniably good looking car, but we all know that’s not a good enough reason to buy a car.

The fact is that the BMW i8 goes further than any BMW has gone before. A whole new drivetrain technology, a new carbon/aluminium shell and advanced aerodynamics are three things that make the i8 an absolute joy to drive.

They’re also the three things that would be enough to convince someone that it’s an impressive car.

However, the i8 goes further: every little thing is designed to make the driving experience the best it can be. From the ‘narrow teardrop’ shape of the cockpit – which is designed that way to reduce drag – to the curled wings towards the back upper of the car and the layered panels, which all come together to make the aerodynamics of the vehicle as efficient as possible.

Despite the car’s battery, the i8 weighs less than 1500kg, with feather-light seating symbolising the impeccable engineering that’s gone into making the car – which started out as a concept at Frankfurt’s 2007 show – into reality.

Ultimately, this is a sports car - expect a highly boosted, 1.5l engine with three cylinders, producing 230bhp. Not to mention the additional 130bhp from the frontal electric motor. As Top Gear described it, this is a car that’s "a FWD in electric mode, and a 4WD in full-beans mode."

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