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Published Date: 11/20/2013

Just what you have been waiting for - the finale of BMW’s video blogs that shows exactly what goes into piecing together an i3, the electric car of the future.

Grab a cuppa and some digestives and get comfy, we are about to share the secrets of the Dingolfin Plant production line right here!

In part 3 you can prepare to be amazed as bumpers and bonnets meet with trims and tyres, bringing the BMW i3 into a form recognisable to all. In fact, there is one moment where the final assembly looks rather a lot like a Kinder car coming together, which might make one wonder – which came first, the i3 concept or the egg?

Highlights in part 3 include:

TEK (Technologie Exterieur Komponenten) – To you and I that is the various panels and parts being lavishly painted layer by layer to perfection, ready to become one with the BMW components.

Assembly – The i3 finally takes shape from dash to doors, windows to wing mirrors and suspension right through to shiny BMW badge.

The moment when the i3 takes to the production line floor on its own four wheels, accompanied by a distant toot of a horn!


So, what is the soundtrack we recommend this week? Jessica by Allman Brothers – the song may not be about a car, but the tune has been good enough to use on Top Gear since 1978.

Missed parts 1 and 2 of the BMW i3 Production Process? Don’t fear – you can now watch all three parts in one feature length go! 

Part 1 Recommended listening – Cars by Gary Numan
Part 2 – Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean
Don’t forget that the BMW i3 will go on sale at Cooper BMW dealerships at Croydon, Norwich, Reading,Teesside and Tunbridge Wells in November 2013.

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