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Published Date: 12/11/2013

Things are hotting-up on the production line at the BMW Dingolfin Plant in Germany. 

In the second part of this informative trilogy from the brand new BMW sub-brand we get to see some more futuristic robotics in action! (Missed part 1? Watch it here)

Keep your eyes peeled for the nimble ‘fingered’ knitting robot, deftly fixing electric engine parts together, and definitely don’t miss the vacuum moulding and assembly of the cockpit – it looks more like they are constructing a Decepticon, or making a suit for the new Batman movie!

As the process progresses it appears that every aspect of the BMW i3 is as forward thinking as it’s ambition to change the future of the automotive industry!

Highlights include:

Electric engine manufacture – A complex, albeit quite artistic assemblage of wires, and precision cut components that make up a high performance electric engine.

Cockpit construction – How do they get such a neat leather trim? The secret is finally revealed!

Bodyshop assembly line – The BMW i3 starts taking shape! The frame is assembled and sprayed ready to take on all the other parts that make this car so special.


Last week we commented on the authenticity of the factory soundscape. This week, with different processes in action on the assembly line, we found some of the background sounds to be a positively Kraftwerk-esque!

Despite this, the automotive inspired song that we would like to pick for part 2 is Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean, because this dream machine is very nearly ready!

Part 3 coming next week!

Don’t forget that the BMW Concept i3 will go on sale at Cooper BMW dealerships at CroydonNorwichReadingTeesside and Tunbridge Wells in November 2013.

Contact your local Cooper BMW Retail Centre today!

If you haven’t heard all about the i3, take a look at a recent blog where we reveal everything you need to know about the all new BMW i3 from futuristic features to fabulous looks!

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