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Published Date: 05/11/2013

We aren’t sure what the Grandfathers of automotive engineering would make of the production line of the BMW i3, as there isn’t a hint of oil or grease in sight!

Instead, there are plenty of robots, some very clean human hands and a lot of components of the electrical variety.

In the first instalment of this three part series you can see how an i3 is assembled at the BMW Dingolfin Plant in Germany.

Highlights include:

Battery module manufacturing and packaging – much much bigger than you would think!

Battery assembly – nicely sped up footage of super agile orange robotic arms in action at BMW.

E-transmission– featuring familiar components such as bearings and cogs assembled by human hands.

The audio provides an authentic soundtrack, however, you might just find popping on your favourite tunes lends an exciting edge to the goings on at Dingolfin – we suggest Cars by Gary Numan.

Part 2 coming next week!

Don’t forget that the BMW Concept i3 will go on sale at Cooper BMW dealerships at Croydon, Norwich,Reading, Teesside and Tunbridge Wells in November 2013.
Contact your local dealership today! Or, if you haven’t heard all about the i3, take a look at a recent blog where we reveal everything you need to know about the all new BMW i3 from futuristic features to fabulous looks!

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