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Published Date: 15/07/2013

gran lussoRecently BMW have teamed up with famous Italian design house and renowned coachbuilders Pinninfarina to produce this striking Gran Lusso Coupe. 

Compared to potential rivals like the Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes S Class, this concept is certainly one that is easy on the eye.

Unveiled at the Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza in Italy, it was the same location chosen by BMW for the Z4-based Zagato Coupe concept in 2012. Similar in stature to the 7 series, the Gran Lusso concept gives us the same easily recognisable BMW features, but with a hint of Italian flair and rarefied touches which is oh so familiar with a design house like Pinninfarina. The kidney Grill and twin circular headlights are themselves oh so BMW, as is the sharknose style front end; but dramatic styling touches like the creased bodywork stretching from the front wheels to the ‘hips’, and the rear strip light that navigates the entire width of the car allow it to stand alone as unique.

Inside it is a very prestigious affair. The centre console and driving position remain familiar for all BMW drivers, but it is the refined touches which really bring out the car as one of an exquisite nature. Kauri wood has been used extensively inside, which has been preserved for over 48,000 years, something which will surely make even the likes of Rolls Royce stand up and take notice.

Other notable materials used on the interior are exquisite Italian wools for the headlining around the seats and top quality leather finished in Tobacco brown from prestigious Italian company Foglizzo. When you look inside, the level of detail is incredible, but in the grander scheme of things is not something which is that far from mass production – especially for the likes of BMW.

Powered by the same 545hp 6.0L Twin Turbo V12 that also powers the 7 series it’s underpinnings are based on, it certainly has the grunt to rival the likes of the Bentley and the Mercedes as mentioned above.

It happens to be the first car that both BMW and Pinnifarina have worked together on, and given the final result, it is indeed a very handsome brute.

If an 8 series was to ever return to BMW’s range, this would certainly be a fantastic place to start.

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