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Published Date: 12/07/2013

328 gearboxThe news that BMW Classic have collaborated with ZF, a renowned automotive supplier to reproduce a classic gearbox comes as welcome news to the vintage racing crowd.

A total of 55 gearboxes to fit the 75 year old BMW 328 will be faithfully reproduced from a collection of drawings, documents and production plans, with just a few tweaks to bring it into the modern day.

The changes requested by BMW include improved materials and an upgraded bearing for the second gear. Racing enthusiasts should not worry about the modifications as the reproduced gear boxes have been certified as authentic by the FIA, a governing body for many automotive racing events.

The BMW 328 was manufactured between 1936 and 1940 and was hailed as one of the best racing cars in its class at the time. Only 464 were made, and although the numbers of BMW 328s around in vintage racing circles today are understandably low, the reproductions will keep the few well preserved examples racing for a good deal longer.

The decision to revive the gearbox is a great example of dedication on the part of BMW to keep its great engineering going, and keep ageing classics authentic.

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