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Published Date: 08/07/2013

BMW 02 series“Lightweight, sporty and compact”, what a great introduction to an iconic series of cars from the voice of BMW.

We have one more thing to add to that – undeniably stylish!

Back in 1966 when BMW released the 1602, the first in the series, the aim was to produce a car that stood alone in the class of sporty saloon. Just a short time later, in 1968, with the arrival of the 2002 it was clear this was one car that was destined to make an automotive impact for years to come.

The 2 series was designed with sport-oriented drivers in mind - shortening the body length of the original 1600 it was based on by 23cm and introducing just 2 doors, a feature that the 2 in 02 stands for.

Over the years, BMW continued to refine the 2 series, to deliver compact high performance vehicle, but it was the 2002 turbo - the first turbo series in Europe, that finally made it’s mark on motoring history in 1975.

The 2002 turbo has since been given legendary status and become a much sought after model for die hard BMW fans - despite 339,000 2002 models being made, a mint 2002 for sale is still a hard find to come by!

Feel the nostalgia in this great video that features vintage footage and interesting facts about the 02 series.

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