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Published Date: 10/02/2013

BMW 3 Series XdriveAutomotive safety is a big issue as the colder weather draws in and driving conditions deteriorate. 

Icy roads, unexpected black ice patches and reduced visibility are all hazards that drivers would sincerely like to eradicate from what should be an otherwise pleasant journey.

Well, BMW drivers can rejoice this coming season in the knowledge that the intelligent all-wheel drive system known as BMW xDrive has been introduced to the 3 Series. The award winning BMW 320i saloonis the first of the series to incorporate the system. The addition of xDrive will of course make the already popular saloon even more of a pleasure to drive, but more importantly it will ensure that the best possible traction control is achieved at all times. This is just what I want on icy roads or if poor visibility means manoeuvring safely at the last moment; and I am sure you do too.

The electronically controlled system enhances agility, providing better performance and of course safety in a variety of hazardous terrains. As well as improved handling on icy roads, drivers can look forward to trouble-free journeying in mud and on rocky terrain because if any loss of grip is detected, the xDrive system shifts the car’s power to the wheel, or wheels, with the best footing in just a matter of milliseconds. This technology is unsurprisingly suited to keeping you on track even on fast bends.

The addition of BMW xDrive will not affect the 320i’s stellar fuel economy or carbon dioxide emissions, and will be available in the SE, Sport, Modern, Luxury and M Sport models starting from £27,400 on the road.

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