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Published Date: 26/09/2012

When the car that dominated its class for over 30 years yet again raised the benchmark in September 2008, the new BMW 3 Series set a new standard in its segment by combining a harmonious blend of interior and exterior styling with an unrivalled range of innovative driver features.

With the launch of the new BMW 3 Series Performance range, you can now make the best in-class even better.

BMW’s range of Performance Accessories will allow you to further heighten your driving experience. From chassis enhancements to interior upgrades, each accessory allows you to tailor your BMW 3 Series to suit your style.

Performance enhancing

By making BMW Performance chassis enhancements, such as lowering the car, adding performance brake callipers and additional air intake components, you can create an engaging, hands-on driving experience and boost the dynamics of your 3 Series.

For example, a new air intake component will help your BMW ‘breath’ more deeply, optimising the engine’s efficiency. Adding a carbon fibre cross-brace, a necessity in the world of motorsport, will ensure pure, precise steering through even the tightest of corners. And the addition of brake enhancements, such as performance brake callipers and cross drilled discs, will give you full control over your BMW, while their striking yellow colour and the presence of the BMW Performance wordmark will add to your car’s sporting appearance.

Distinctive motorsport design

Interior and exterior enhancements to your 3 Series do more than just add to its already good looks. The addition of aerodynamics components help to improve road holding, while new BMW Performance alloy wheels in lightweight aluminium allow more air to the brakes, ensuring they are ultra-efficient. The 18 inch alloy wheels have five double spokes and feature the BMW Performance wordmark.

Internally, BMW Performance sport seats, identical to those used in motorsport, give you outstanding support when cornering and incredible comfort on long journeys. A multi-function sport steering wheel, featuring an integrated OLED, is also available, allowing you to check engine and oil temperature, and optimum shift points without taking your eyes off the road.

BMW Performance illuminated door entry strips also make a striking addition. Made from black stainless steel with lettering in BMW Performance yellow, immediately attract attention in low light and illuminate your entry into the car.

These are just some of the outstanding BMW Performance Accessories available for the new BMW 3 Series.

To find out more about these, or any of the other products in the range, please contact us.

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