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Published Date: 20/03/2015

With summer finally upon us, it is time to make sure that your car is ready to hit the road under sunny conditions.

The warmer weather not only means that we have to cope with the heat, but your car does too – here are our tops tips for getting your BMW into tip top condition for summer.


In warmer temperatures, many engine oils become thinner, which means it provides less protection for your engine, and increases wear. By changing your oil to one with more viscosity, your engine is better protected in the heat of the summer. Your owners manual may recommend the right viscosity depending on the season, alternatively, consult your nearest dealership for advice.


During summer, tyres get hotter and are put under more stress as the gas expands inside the tyre when the temperature rises – as a result an improperly inflated tyre can lead to a blow out while you are driving. Making sure that your tyres are the correct pressure and have a good tread means that you will be safer on the open road. Having the right pressure also ensures that you get more miles for each gallon, saving you money on every trip. The best time to check tyre pressure is in the morning as the air is cooler.

Air Con

After being used less frequently during the winter months, you can find that your air con system produces musty odours, fogs up your windows and fails to reach the right temperature fast enough. Cleaning and disinfecting the system refreshes your air con, making it run efficiently again. The system needs to be drained completely of all refrigerants, checked for leaks, then recharged with refrigerant and lubricant; and finally - checked to ensure it is functioning properly again. Air con maintenance services will be available at your local dealership.

General Maintenance

This includes ensuring that the battery is holding a good charge, that there is no wear and tear on your hoses and pipes, that your coolant/antifreeze mix is correct, that lights are functioning, and that your wipers and washers are working correctly. Failure of any of these could not only cause your car to break down, but could cause an accident. 

To take the pain out of getting your BMW ready for summer, visit your nearest Cooper BMW dealership where we will do your Summer Check and Air Con Maintenance for you. The BMW healthcheck is an extensive check to ensure your car is in great condition after the cold weather.

For just 49.99 we check:

  • Warning lights
  • Wiper blades
  • Screen wash reservoir
  • Antifreeze
  • Coolant level
  • Engine oil level
  • Clutch hydraulics
  • Drivebelt
  • Battery
  • Tyre wear and pressure
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Steering
  • Steering oil reservoir
  • Exhaust

Our Air Con services start from £44.99
BMW Air Conditioning Refresh Includes:

  • Clean and disinfect the evaporator
  • Clean and disinfect entire air duct system
  • Treat air vents and BMW interior

BMW Air Conditioning Recharge Includes:

  • Drain all refrigerant
  • Check system for leaks
  • Recharge refrigerant and lubricant
  • Check system operating pressures

For more information on any of the above, contact your local Cooper BMW dealership.

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