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Published Date: 10/05/2012

The air conditioning system in your BMW works harder than you realise: it helps keep you and your passengers comfortable, whatever the weather, and it offers a number of health benefits, such as filtering out pollen and traffic fumes.

At Cooper BMW, we appreciate the importance of a well-maintained air conditioning system so we offer two tailored programmes – Refresh and Recharge – to ensure that you and your passengers remain comfortable all year round.

A regularly-serviced BMW Air Conditioning system not only ensures that the cabin stays at a constant temperature, it also filters out pollen and dust and minimises condensation (so is ideal for hay fever sufferers) and reduces intake of other vehicles’ exhaust fumes.

The air conditioning micro-filter removes 80 per cent of the particles from traffic fumes. This ensures that the air inside your car remains clean and irritants are kept to a minimum, thereby providing significant health benefits. However odours, viruses and bacteria thrive in the warm and dark interior of a modern air-conditioning system; regular air conditioning maintenance destroys bacteria and neutralises odours, helping to reduce health problems such as colds, flu and allergic reactions.

Please speak to our Service Department to discuss which maintenance option is most relevant for your vehicle. Our Refresh programme will eliminate any musty odours by cleaning and disinfecting the evaporator. However, if your system is taking longer than it should to reach your desired temperature, our Recharge programme will drain all the refrigerant and check the entire system for leaks.

Please contact us for more information on BMW Air Conditioning Maintenance, or on any of the programmes offered.

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