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Published Date: 13/11/2012

My BMW Remote App

Remotely accessing a car sounds like the stuff of sci fi – well, the future is here and along with it an app called My BMW remote.

While it does not let you send your car off along the highway like some oversized RC vehicle, it has loads of handy features that you suddenly just can’t do without.

Using My BMW Remote you can:

  • Activate your ventilation system before you reach your car – great for cooling your car down ready for your drive on a hot day.
  • The app can also lock and open the doors and boot – which means you can be certain that your car is locked without having to go back and check, perfect for that mid meal panic.
  • It is also possible to activate the exterior lights in a customised configuration, extra handy if you have lost your car in a multi storey car park! Or…
  • Activate the vehicle finder – this then displays the location of your car within 1.5km radius.

As if that wasn’t enough:

  • The My BMW Remote app also lets you send destinations and addresses from Google local search on your phone straight to your BMW navigational system. How cool is that!

So – what do you need to make this app work?

  • A BMW built after 2008
  • An Android or iPhone
  • BMW Assist contract
Functions available do depend on which BMW model you own, and the user reviews vary depending on the handset in question.

Overall though – a significant majority give it the thumbs up and an average score on Android of 4.1 out of 5.

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