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Published Date: 11/8/2012

Is the new BMW M135i IT?The promo video for the new BMW M135i makes it clear who the German automaker is targeting with their new motor: It is night time, moody black and white film, a freight yard filled with containers.

Enter an attractive young woman in a white M135i, who spots someone else in a red version of the M135i. ‘She is it.’ we’re told.

Whoever she’s spotted is up for a game of tag, and the two shiny new examples of Munich’s engineering prowess set about swerving and sliding around the containers, as Miss White tries to catch up with the dark stranger.

We soon discover the stranger is a Mister - we’ll call him Mr Red, and he’s pretty good behind the wheel, and pretty attractive too. He soon comes a cropper though, with a little help from a container being lowered on a crane and an impressive 180 from Miss White. Now he’s it.

But is the M135i as cool as the advert makes it look? Probably. The twin-scroll turbo has been married to a 3.0 litre petrol engine, generating an impressive 320bhp and 332 torques. Go for the auto and you’ll be nudging 62mph in 4.9 seconds (a bit slower than a manual). And a top speed of 155 mph makes the shenanigans in the advert a little easier to swallow. 50:50 weight distribution and individual control of the suspension and damping systems helps to ensure drivers can enjoy the "uncommonly powerful engine" as BMW puts it.

Braking is no problem either: four piston units up front and oversized discs at the rear. These are concealed by 18in alloy wheels. A new front apron, more substantial air intakes, contoured sides and an M-Sport rear bumper all add up to a pretty special addition to the BMW family.

Even though it’s up against pretty stiff competition from its homeland, Miss White and Mr Red are quite right to look so delighted with their new M135is.

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