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Published Date: 29/02/2012

The forecasters may be predicting another harsh winter but at Cooper BMW we have the models, accessories and expertise to make your winter driving safe and enjoyable – whatever the weather.

For example, you can now buy selected BMW models with complimentary Winter Packages that include BMW All-weather floor mats and a full set of winter wheels and tyres with one year’s free storage of your summer tyres. 

The new BMW X3 xDrive35d for maximum grip

Meanwhile, the new BMW X3 xDrive35d, like all BMW X models, features the BMW xDrive system for maximum grip. The intelligent xDrive system reacts in milliseconds to any loss of grip by subtly shifting the car’s power to the wheel or wheels with the surest footing. This enables you to drive on wet or uneven surfaces and steep gradients without slipping or sliding. The new X3 xDrive 35d also gives you ample, flexible space; an agile, comfortable ride and low running costs with 46.3mpg on the combined cycle.

Winter tyres with new storage facility

If you’re planning a long trip this winter, why not book in a half-hour Routine Maintenance Check to make sure everything performs as it should? At the same time, our Approved Technicians could fit a set of BMW Winter wheels and tyres. We’ll even store and insure your summer wheel and tyres for a minimal fee.

Genuine BMW Winter Tyres

Genuine BMW Winter tyres are made from a different rubber silica compound that hardens at much lower temperatures (between -21°C and -26°C) and retains its flexibility and performance during the colder weather. They also have a special tread pattern that significantly improves grip and propulsion during wet driving conditions, and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. BMW Winter wheel and tyre sets provide optimum driving, steering and responsiveness, which can make an important reduction in your braking distances in icy and wet weather.

Be prepared with BMW Winter Accessories

Even if your BMW is performing well, having additional equipment in your car over winter may benefit other road users. Check out our jump leads, tow cables, high visibility jackets and warning triangles. You might also want to add some dirt-repellent and water-resistant BMW All-weather floor mats, particularly if you live or work in a rural or semi-rural area. 

Winter sports and travel

As well as bringing bad weather, winter can also mean holidays, getting together with friends and family, and winter sports. We offer a wide range of useful accessories to make the season even more enjoyable. Why not pop into the dealership and pick up a brochure?

Our lockable ski and snowboard holder, for example, is suitable for carrying up to six pairs of skis or up two snowboards and two pairs of skis, while our easy to install BMW Universal DVD system with two portable seven-inch monitors will keep your backseat passengers entertained on long journeys. 

If you’d like more information on any our winter services, offers or accessories, please drop into the showroom or call your local Cooper BMW Dealership.

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