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Published Date: 26/09/2012

BMW To Build New Three Cylinder Engines In The UKAmidst the recent patriotic events in the UK, it is great news to hear that production of new BMW engines will be coming to the UK.

Although information about the upcoming production at BMW’s Hams Hall factory close to Birmingham is a little thin on the ground, we do have some juicy nuggets of information.

Production will include manufacture of the new BMW three-cylinder petrol engines that will be used in a wide range of new cars, but most excitingly in the i8 - a revolutionary new hybrid supercar that also incorporates an electric motor. The combination will give the BMW i8 344bhp and 221lb ft of torque, and an expected average fuel economy of 78mpg.

The expected due date of the i8 is sometime in 2014, and there is speculation that over the next couple of years the UK built three-cylinder will also make it into BMW’s revered 3 Series.

Currently the Hams Hall factory builds engines for 1 Series3 Series, X1 and MINI petrol engines, and the news that production is set to continue and expand within the UK has created a boost within the UK automotive sector.

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