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Published Date: 01/02/2008

In today’s economic climate, many of us will be looking for ways to make our money go further.

So it’s good to know that BMW cars, already renowned for outstanding handling and unmatched driving pleasure, are a more cost-effective purchase than you might have thought.

BMW, distinguished by its engineering expertise, has made a long-term commitment to improving performance and efficiency. By making each drop of fuel go further, BMW EfficientDynamics technologies have already delivered improved performance and driving pleasure to over one million drivers.

However, with recent increases in fuel price, these proud owners are now no doubt grateful for the second great benefit of EfficientDynamics – increased fuel efficiency. The award-winning BMW 118d, for example, achieves an impressive 62.8 mpg on the combined cycle. This equates to driving from London to Edinburgh on less than 30 litres of fuel.

And it’s not just at the pumps that you feel the benefit of EfficientDynamics. Thanks to significant reductions in CO2 emissions, many BMW models now fall into lower vehicle tax bands. Take the BMW X5 3.0d: it achieves CO2 emissions of just 214 g/km, reducing road tax by £190 per year.

Drivers of competitor diesel models, including the Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz ML and the Range Rover Sport, will pay the full Band G charge of £400.  Similar advantages can be found across the entire BMW range. Why not put us to the test? Visit Cooper BMW to see how your chosen BMW stacks up against the competition.

On top of fuel and tax savings, we’re confident of the engineering behind our range. Therefore all models come with an unlimited mileage three-year warranty (two years on Approved Used Cars). An additional benefit of our commitment to pioneering technology is condition-based servicing.

Your BMW monitors its own condition and advises you if and when a service is required. When that service takes place, the very same technology ensures that we only replace parts when necessary – lowering running costs even further while keeping your BMW in top condition.

Finally, Edition models (available on 1 Series6 Series, X3 and Z4) give you a higher specification car for less than you might expect. So with so many benefits to ownership, it may be no surprise to learn that BMW residual values are some of the strongest in the business, ensuring the value of your investment remains protected.

To find out more about how cost-effective a new BMW can be, or how competitive our BMW Select finance rates are, contact your nearest dealership.

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