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New 4 Series

As the mid-size coupe in the range, the 4 Series is the newest addition to the BMW family, and thanks to a superb design and excellent driving performance, it has asserted itself on the coupe stage.


New 5 Series Touring

To join the latest saloon version, the ever-successful 5 Series Touring continues its great tradition of design and safety.


BMW test autonomous vehicles

As more cars are fitted with semi-autonomous technologies, the likelihood of seeing self-driving cars on the road has become almost inevitable.


BMW Model Upgrades for Spring 2017

For 2017, BMW has unveiled what it will be adding to your favourite models to ensure your BMW experience is further improved.


BMW's award-filled 2016

BMW is world-renowned as one of the most respected and high quality brands on the market, and as we enter 2017, we thought we’d have a look back on how successful BMW has been in 2016.


BMW Motorsport in 2017

Competing in six different fields throughout the year, BMW is continue its rich history in motorsport.


Looking into BMW's future at CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show was the perfect opportunity for BMW Group to show off its latest innovations in driver technology and infotainment systems for the cars of the future.


VED Tax Changes - How will it affect your new BMW?

Following on from the budget of July 2016, new road tax laws are set to come into force on the 1st April. How will this affect your new BMW purchase?

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