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Connected Drive

BMW ConnectedDrive: the innovative connections between you, your BMW and the rest of the world.

The technology revolution has changed the way we live our lives. For BMW drivers, it has become normal to view their vehicle as another networked component of their lives – they expect to be able to access information on the move, communicate via phone or email and keep up with the latest news and situation in the surrounding environment. The term BMW ConnectedDrive refers to all solutions and innovative technologies that connect BMW vehicles and their occupants with the outside world.

Connected Drive 1
The innovative features from BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive technologies offer the most comprehensive suite of connected car innovations that deliver superior convenience, infotainment and advanced safety. Discover how such features can enhance your driving experience.

Connected Drive 2BMW ConnectedDrive Convenience solutions.

From the ease of keyless entry and engine start to remotely sending address information to your Navigation system, BMW ConnectedDrive technologies offer a range of features that are designed to provide a more relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Connected Drive 3
Infotainment from BMW ConnectedDrive.

In today’s connected world we want to listen to music, post, tweet, work and access information wherever we go. BMW ConnectedDrive offers infotainment solutions to ensure seamless, safe, and enjoyable integration of your life with your car. 

Connected Drive 4Increased safety with BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive technologies offer a range of advanced driver assistance systems that take every measure to ensure potential accidents can be avoided. And should the unexpected happen, with BMW Emergency Call you have the reassurance that assistance is immediately on hand.

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