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Athletic, muscular and powerful on the outside yet with the elegance, class and comfort you demand on the inside – this is the BMW M Series. 

Whether you choose the M3 Saloon, the M4 Coupé or M4 Convertible, M5 Saloon, the M6 Coupé, M6Gran Coupé or M6 Convertible, or the X6 M, you can expect power, elegance and supreme performance. On the outside, the M Series models are classic BMW: subtle lines, iconic kidney grille and large, swept back headlights conveying a story of speed and dynamism. Open the door and you’ll be greeted by sheer luxury, with the finest craftsmanship and the latest in-car technology coming together to create a car that is centred around you. Whether you enjoy driving or see it as a chore, you won’t want your journey to end.

The BMW M SERIES comes in many different model variants as demonstrated below.

M Series 3 SaloonBMW M3 SALOON
Offering the latest in sport car technology and innovations straight from the track, the BMW M3 Saloon offers an irresistible driving experience, with 431hp, Active M Differential and Adaptive M Suspension with an ergonomic cockpit that provides for a seamless bond between driver and car.
M Series 4 CoupeBMW M4 COUPÉ
The BMW M4 Coupe is record-breakingly light, making for a driving experience that is irresistibly dynamic. The latest in BMW M technologies combine with glorious craftsmanship to make the M4 Coupe a home from home – aided by the latest in in-car technology. Driving should be a pleasure, and with the BMW M4 Coupe, it certainly is.
m Series 4 convertibleBMW M4 CONVERTIBLE
Offering the joy of open top driving without sacrificing on power, the BMW M4 Convertible combines the buzz of the wind in your hair with the buzz of power under the bonnet. Seamless transition between roof on or off makes this model essentially two cars in one – and both are glorious to drive.
m Series 5BMW M5 SALOON
For a driver that demands luxury and high performance, the BMW M5 Saloon is the perfect match. Offering muscle, power and athleticism, yet also elegance, class and the highest standards of comfort for driver and passengers alike, this is a car that longs to serve you.
M Series 6 CoupeBMW M6 COUPÉ
Very few cars epitomise speed, power and high performance as the BMW M6 Coupé, which catches the eye of car lovers and non-car lovers alike. The car’s interior is equally delicious: the latest in in-car technology creates a driving experience like no other, while the finest craftsmanship has created comfort of the highest level.
m Series 6 convertibleBMW M6 CONVERTIBLE
Experience the sheer delight of the wind through your hair in the BMW M6 Convertible, with a rapidly transforming roof making this a car equally perfect for long drives and short trips – but don’t expect to go unnoticed. Distinctive BMW features and the latest in technology will make you the envy of your neighbours.
M Series 6 Gran CoupeBMW M6 GRAN COUPÉ
Soft lines and precise details make the outside of the BMW M6 Gran Coupé delightful to look at, and the doors long to be opened. Behind them you’ll not be disappointed – the latest in 21st century technology and ultimate comforts.

Utilising the latest technologies available in the industry, BMW has worked to utilise them to make driving more enjoyable, more practical and more efficient, both under the bonnet and behind the wheel. Some of these features come as standard, while others are available as optional add-ons. Whether you love to drive, or prefer to be driven, you’ll reap the benefits of the technologies found in the BMW M Series.


Traffic jams are unavoidable, but having an engine sitting idle and wasting fuel is. Auto Start Stop turns off the engine temporarily when stopped temporarily, avoiding unnecessary fuel wastage.

brake energy regenerationBRAKE ENERGY REGENERATION

Until now, the energy used in braking was wasted. But with BMW’s brake energy regeneration system, energy used when braking charges the battery – prolonging its life.


Experience the thrill of the road with Drivelogic and double-clutch transmission, yet still achieve impressively low CO2 emissions and high levels of efficiency.

m servotronicM SERVOTRONIC

M Servotronic makes every journey distinct, dynamically adapting the resistance in steering to the speed at which you travel. Pure driving pleasure.

dynamic performance controlDYNAMIC PERFORMANCE CONTROL

Giving perfect control even when taking on harsh corners, Dynamic Performance Control from BMW distributes drive power smoothly, without sacrificing performance. The result? Enhanced driving pleasure.