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M Models

The BMW M Series Range.

Full-throttle power. Racetrack performance.

There’s no need to compromise where the BMW M Series is concerned. Each model within the range combines sharp lines, full-throttle power and a glossy paintwork finish. But that’s not all...

Ease the M2 Coupé pedal to accelerate from 0-62mph in a jaw-dropping 4.3 seconds; you’ll witness racetrack speed and equally impressive smooth handling while you’re there. If you’d rather drive the M3 or M4, we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the inclusion of BMW M TwinPower Turbo engines, while the M5 and M6 have been engineered to go above and beyond every expectation.

A few characteristics are unanimous across the range – aerodynamic design and lightweight construction, the inclusion of BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW EfficientDynamics, with easy driver accessibility to high-specification technical information.

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Auto Start Stop function

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Brake Energy Regeneration

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Electric Power Steering

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BMW EfficientLightweight

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Optimum Shift Indicator

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Tyres with reduced rolling distance

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All brand New BMWs come with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and 3 Years' Emergency Service. Plus, 3 Years’ Service Cover is also available from just £299.


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Fitted with numerous innovative systems to guarantee driving pleasure, this range stays true to the BMW M Series philosophy – delivering high performance and everyday practicality thanks to M Dynamic Mode, Active M Differential, Adaptive M Suspension, M Servotronic, M Carbon ceramic brakes and Seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic.
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One of the most important measures considered when implementing our BMW EfficientDynamics technology within the M Series range was innovative lightweight engineering. Despite the impressively light-weight distribution, the BMW M Series never compromises its standout M design.
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What to expect from the BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine? A combination of advanced fuel injection technology and fully variable valve control, resulting in increased dynamism and efficiency. It’s safe to say that the innovative package and engine is a landmark in the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy.
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Keeping you in touch with the world around you at all times. Our BMW ConnectedDrive technology delivers all the lifestyle information you could possibly need whilst behind the wheel, including intelligent solutions and advanced driver assistance systems.

This M240i replaces BMW's previous M235i porting model, a performance orientated coupe or convertible that now features a pokier yet more efficient six cylinder petrol engine. As before, this a cracker of a driver's car that packs a 340bhp punch, is available with a choice of transmissions, is priced keenly and looks the part too. With 340bhp from its improved 3.0-litre six cylinder engine, this car is properly rapid. If you specify it with the eight speed automatic transmission, it'll get to 62mph in a mere 4.6 seconds. As much as we like the latest generation of ZF self-shifters, we beseech you not to do this. Stick with three pedals and a gear stick. You might be a couple of tenths slower, but this might be one of the last properly analogue BMW sports models and you need to enjoy it as such. Press the Sport button and you'll immediately notice the steering weight up and the throttle response sharpen. Press the button once more and you'll find Sport+, which partially disengages the stability control and offers an even spikier throttle pedal. Expect to be mercilessly harassed by these cars on foreseeable UK track days. In summary, i you gave any BMW fan a wish list and asked them to build the perfect car given the company's current resources, it might not be too far off this one. Maybe a few grand cheaper, but you can't have everything. Even as it stands, this is the performance coupe bargain that will completely change the market. Hats off to Munich.

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