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Innovative luxury. Versatility. Unique efficiency. Paving the way for future SUV hybrids, the BMW X5 xDrive40e is a plug-in hybrid adaptation of the popular, standard X5. The subtle introduction of electric hybrid technology is what truly makes this model. By honing in on the best attributes of the X5 and offering a different level of power, we have guaranteed that plug-in hybrid driving can be extremely subtle but hugely impactful on, not only the environment around you, but also on your purse or wallet. Charging a BMW has also never been easier, with a number of charging options to choose from.


The BMW X5 xDrive40e shares the same exterior looks, agility and optimum traction with its standard, non-hybrid equivalent. But don’t let that fool you; much has changed in the development process. The one key distinguishing exterior styling touch is the addition of ‘eDrive’ lettering at the vehicle rear – marking this model’s extreme capability to deliver a pure electric mode drive, within a 19-mile emission free and zero fuel consumption range. While a plug-in port can be located between the left-hand vehicle wheel arch and door, subtly covered and blended into the bodywork for a seamless finish. 


With three drive modes to choose from including AUTO eDRIVE, MAX eDRIVE and SAVE BATTERY mode, your consumption and power can be controlled as you choose in this BMW. While AUTO eDRIVE intelligently combines the electric motor and combustion engine using BMW EfficientDynamics, battery charge can be regularly maintained in a number of different ways. In comparison, MAX eDRIVE mode allows pure electric driving for 19 miles, while SAVE BATTERY mode uses the combustion engine to charge the battery or simply maintain charging status. And to make sure that you’re utilising fuel and the electric mode, Predictive Energy Management uses constant data including speed limits and real time information, activating the pure electric driving mode where suitable, in order to save fuel. 


Besides premium styling and extremely comfortable seating, the BMW X5 xDrive40e interior is fitted with a number of advanced technologies and features as standard. To achieve that superior driving experience that is so commonly associated with refined BMW engineering, the Adaptive Suspension Comfort package has been fitted; offering stability at all times and second-to-none full driving dynamics. The welcoming driver and passenger-focused interior maintains a very similar appearance to the standard X5. In fact, it’s almost completely identical with the usual leather elements and high quality metallic finish – apart from the hybrid specific dials and information. 

All Brand New BMW’s come with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and 3 Years Emergency Service.

The X5 once again demonstrates BMW's thorough understanding of this market sector. Now that buyers take good looks and sporty handling as a given across the board, the Germans have pushed the envelope a little further in other areas. It's not always wholly original, as the quest for Mercedes-style safety provision and Audi-style interior finishes proves, but it's hard to escape the notion that this is by some margin the most well-rounded car in its class. Nothing gets close to matching the X5's combination of performance and economy in a car of this type. You only have to look at the X5 xDrive30d's economy of 45.6mpg and 162g/km for evidence of this. Key rivals? An equivalent Audi Q7 manages 38.7mpg and 195g/km while the Mercedes M-Class manages 39.2mpg and 189g/km. Both are slower and neither offers the driver appeal of the BMW. So despite all the changes, it looks as if the status quo will continue. Expect the X5 to be the target all the rest are tilting at.

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Design That same popular X5 design, with a few electric specific design touches.


Efficiency Plug-in hybrid technology utilises electricity to save on fuel consumption.


Engine Cleverly combining an electric motor and combustion engine using BMW EfficientDynamics.


Comfort Almost identical to the X5 interior, with the usual leather elements and high-quality metallic finishing touches.


Driving Modes AUTO eDrive, MAX eDrive and SAVE BATTERY mode.


Technology Fitted with numerous advanced technologies and features, as standard.


xDrive40e SE

  • Adaptive Comfort Suspension
  • Black-panel instrument cluster with Hybrid-specific functions
  • Charging flap, front side panel, left
  • Door sill finishers with eDrive designation
  • eDrive button to select between AUTO eDrive, MAX
  • eDrive and SAVE Battery settings
  • eDrive designation on tailgate, left
  • eDrive Services
  • Electronic display of drivetrain information and battery range
  • Electric motor
  • Exhaust tailpipes – single, left and right, Chrome, quadrilateral
  • Fast charging AC capability
  • Illuminating charging socket with visual display of charge status
  • Standard charge cable, 5 metres in length