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Testing out your desired BMW model is incredibly important. That’s why we offer a great BMW Test Drive experience that can be specifically tailored to your needs with the ‘Drive it Your Way’ programme.

Whether it’s one of our Approved Used BMWs or the very latest model, you can select exactly which model you want to test, where you want to drive it and when. We’ll also accommodate your specific needs in a BMW Test Drive meaning you can choose to soar down the motorway to exercise speed or make a lasting impression around your local area as you test out a car’s prowess and agility.

When you Book a Test Drive with Cooper BMW, don’t forget to bring both parts of your driving license (card and paper copy) so we can get you behind the wheel as swiftly as possible. 

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Due to incredibly demand for our vehicles we cannot always guarantee availability without our calling you back to confirm your booking.To prevent disappointment we request a minimum of 3 business hours to prepare your drive. However if you reuire yours sooner please don't hesitate,call us now and we'll check immediate availability for you.

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