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There’s more to the BMW i Series than phenomenal cars; it’s a revolution within the automotive industry, and a huge milestone. In just a few short years, BMW has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plug-in electric vehicles.

The world is changing rapidly. It’s moving at a faster pace. Millions more people are living in cities and these cities are becoming megacities. The call for sustainability and earth-friendly values is growing louder by the day. It has always been the ethos of BMW to lead in the pack in responding to change, and the i series is the answer to the real changes taking place in the world today.

BMW may not be the only manufacturer to tackle sustainability head-on, but BMW i is a pivotal moment; a premium car brand is embracing change in a massive way. The BMW i Series is about achieving ground-breaking levels of sustainability without sacrificing any of the quality, athleticism and sheer driving pleasure that BMW stand for. In two visionary models; a BMW I series car could be yours today.

Not only is Cooper BMW one of the UK’s leading BMW Retail Groups, and home of exceptional customer service, but five of our Retail Centres are home to BMW i;  giving you the opportunity to drive away in the most dynamic, innovative BMW yet.  

The BMW i comes in many different model variants as demonstrated below.

i3BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a visionary development within the automotive industry. It’s the first line production car to be developed with sustainability in mind at every stage of its life cycle; production, use and disposal. With the i3, you can be certain you’re driving an earth-friendly car that really packs a punch. 

i8BMW i8

The i8 is a sports car with principles. On looks alone, this stunning plug-in hybrid stands out from the crowd, but throw in its ground-breaking credentials and you have a car unlike any other. The i8 is a game changer, power and sustainability combine effortlessly to create this incredible driving experience. 


The internal combustion engine took cars to a new level. We thought the ceiling had been hit. BMW i, however, crashes through it.

Unlike other electric cars on the market, which are based on a typical car architecture using batteries, BMW i cars have been designed around electric power from their very inception. The fact BMW have turned vehicle architecture on its head, combined with the use of pioneering lightweight materials, means efficiency and sustainability can be offered without losing performance. This is a revolution.

But BMW i isn't just about sustainability and less CO2 emissions. As you’ve come to expect from BMW, the i series brings to the market a whole range of driving solutions, helping drivers to find the nearest parking space, making route planning a doddle and the whole driving experience as stress free as possible, and - going from 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds - performing as you expect a car to perform.

Welcome to BMW i at Cooper BMW - one of the country's largest BMW i Retail Groups.

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