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Electrifying power.

All the benefits of a sports car, with the surprising consumption of a compact vehicle – the BMW i Series is our most progressive range of vehicles to date, engineered with sustainability and e-mobility in mind to enable emission-free driving.

Both the BMW i3 and i8 are the ideal choice for city driving, combining visionary style, an uncompromised attitude, ferocious power, efficiency and an inspiring interior to suit. Where sustainability is concerned, the BMW i framework is almost entirely comprised of recycled materials and is paving the way for the future of motoring, redefining the ‘norm’.

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Auto Start Stop function

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Brake Energy Regeneration

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Electric Power Steering

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BMW EfficientLightweight

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Optimum Shift Indicator

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Tyres with reduced rolling distance

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Driving pleasure is always at the core of our engineering. That’s why our advanced BMW EfficientDynamics technology has been specifically developed to minimise emissions and fuel consumption, while increasing dynamics and the pleasure that the driver experiences.
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What is the benefit of positioning the electric motor at the front axle and the petrol engine at the rear in the BMW i8? Front and All-Wheel Drive. Full traction. Utilised power through all four wheels. Added control. The ideal ratio of torque when cornering.
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The BMW i Series has been engineered from the ground upwards, with electronic mobility (otherwise known as e-mobility) in mind. Both the BMW i3 and i8 boast innovative aerodynamics for reduced air resistance and utilise recycled materials. The BMW i3, for example, includes up to 95% recyclable materials.
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A 0-62mph sprint can take just 7.3 seconds in the BMW i3; remarkable electric speed which is the result of a powerful engine and 170hp of dynamic control.

The improved BMW i8 is a hybrid supercar now offered in open-topped Roadster guise as well as in Coupe form and now capable of delivering a 374bhp punch if provoked. Alternatively, it can glide noiselessly along on pure electric power. The quoted fuel economy figures need taking with a grain of salt but if you wanted a vision of the future of sports cars, you're looking at it right here. Yes, it's fearsomely fast in a straight line but the i8 is no B-road brawler. That model may well come and it will probably come from BMW, but here's something that's a bit more refined and looks set to change the way we think about this sort of high performance contender. You might not have ever believed that a car with a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine could command a six-figure price tag. The i8 does that yet still seems a bargain. It's an incredible achievement.

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