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Sheer driving pleasure in award winning luxury – that’s the BMW 6 Series. Available in Coupé, Convertible or Gran Coupé, this is a car that longs to be driven.

Not too many cars ooze power and high performance in the way the BMW 6 Series does. The exterior design of the 6 Series is inspired by water in motion, and the longer you look the more subtle contours and precise lines you will find. As well as looking effortlessly elegant and of the highest class, the lines also add to the car’s aerodynamics – they’re not just beautiful for the sake of it. Whether you choose the Coupé, Convertible or Gran Coupé model, you’ll notice similarities on the interior: impeccable attention to detail on every aspect of the design.

The BMW 6 SERIES comes in many different model variants as demonstrated below.

6 Series CoupeBMW 6 SERIES COUPÉ
The sleek and sporty look of the BMW 6 Series Coupé demands attention and demands to be driven, and very few – whether fans of driving or not – don’t enjoy returning the pleasure. The technology under the bonnet and behind the wheel makes driving fun and efficient, on every journey.
6 Series ConvertibleBMW 6 SERIES CONVERTIBLE
Is there a greater feeling than driving along with the wind in your hair? Arguably no, but with the BMW 6 Series Convertible you can get maximum enjoyment from driving whether the roof is on or off. The attention to detail, on the inside and out, brings the driver closer to a car that oozes style in every way.
6 Series gran coupeBMW 6 SERIES GRAN COUPÉ
Elegant style and athleticism combine in the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupé to create a car that is impossible to ignore. A car that is truly centred around the driver, the elegance of the interior, along with the latest in 21st century technology, makes this a car that you won’t need, or want, to get out of.

Let’s face it, modern life is such that we demand the very best in technology in every aspect of life. Driving is no different – and in each BMW 6 Series model you’ll have the latest technology ensuring a most efficient, practical and fun drive, on every journey. Some features come as standard, while others are available as optional add-ons.


Traffic jams are unavoidable, but having an engine sitting idle and wasting fuel is. Auto Start Stop turns off the engine temporarily when stopped temporarily, avoiding unnecessary fuel wastage.

brake energy regenerationBRAKE ENERGY REGENERATION

Until now, the energy used in braking was wasted. But with BMW’s brake energy regeneration system, energy used when braking charges the battery – prolonging its life.


Time spent in the car doesn’t have to be time wasted. With Bluetooth Office, emails and text messages can be read out and shown on the control display.

head up displayBMW HEAD-UP DISPLAY

The ultimate in driving convenience, the BMW Head-Up Display projects driving information, such as speed limit, no-overtaking zones and your speed directly in your line of vision, allowing you to concentrate fully on driving.


Why waste energy when you don’t need to? With electromechanical power steering from BMW, power steering only operates when the wheel is being turned.


BMW’s parking assistant is more than just a tool to help you park, it will also help find the parking space in the first place, saving time and avoiding panic.

night visionBMW NIGHT VISION

BMW Night Vision helps spot people, and large animals in low light, even from a significant distance. Keeping you, and them, safe.