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A classic BMW look that demands attention, the BMW 5 Series is available in Saloon, Touring, Gran Turismo and ActiveHybrid. Each has its own personality, yet combines the ultimate in BMW engineering and the latest in technology.

Other drivers, walkers, cyclists, passers-by – they’ll all stop and stare, because the BMW 5 Series demands attention, whichever model you’re driving. On the outside, it’s undeniably BMW: subtle contours, swept back headlights and precise angles combine to make a stunning vehicle. On the interior, the vehicle’s stunning exterior is reflected in the astonishing detail and maximum comfort, for both driver and passengers. The latest in BMW EfficientDynamics play their part in putting the driver at the centre of the driving experience, with features combining performance and efficiency to make driving a guilt-free pleasure, whatever your journey.

The BMW 5 SERIES comes in many different model variants as demonstrated below.

5 Series saloonBMW 5 SERIES SALOON
A car to fall in love with before you’ve even opened the door, the BMW 5 Series Saloon offers pure pleasure for drivers, whether they’re self-confessed car fanatics or simply want to get from A to B. This is a 21st century BMW in every possible way – performance, substance and the technological features mean you won’t want any journey to come to an end.
5 Series touringBMW 5 SERIES TOURING
Just as it sounds, the BMW 5 Series Touring is a car for those who love to travel and to explore. With space enough for a bicycle, the car urges you to enjoy the outdoors – while also combining the power and looks you demand from a BMW. BMW EfficientDynamics technologies make the travelling part of exploring a great pleasure, too.
5 Series gran turismoBMW 5 SERIES GRAN TURISMO
It’s impossible not to admire the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, whichever way you approach it. The car expresses passion, elegance and power, and for those in a position to open the door and climb in, there’s no disappointment there either. Indulgence, elegance and attention to detail make this a car in which travelling is a pleasure, whether in the front or the back.
5 Series active hybridBMW ACTIVEHYBRID 5
Offering the most intelligent engineering and the latest in innovative design features, the BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid is proof that performance and efficiency can co-exist. With some of the most advanced technologies available monitoring the driving of the car, energy will be saved on each journey – resulting in guilt free, pleasurable driving experiences.

The BMW 5 Series offers a range of technological features that are designed to make driving more efficient, more practical and more enjoyable, whether you’re a car lover or not. Regardless of which model you choose, some features come as standard while some are available as optional add-ons - but all are sure to enhance your driving experience in one way or another, whether they’re under the bonnet or inside the cockpit.


Traffic jams are unavoidable, but having an engine sitting idle and wasting fuel is. Auto Start Stop turns off the engine temporarily when stopped temporarily, avoiding unnecessary fuel wastage.

brake energy regenerationBRAKE ENERGY REGENERATION

Until now, the energy used in braking was wasted. But with BMW’s brake energy regeneration system, energy used when braking charges the battery – prolonging its life.


Time spent in the car doesn’t have to be time wasted. With Bluetooth Office, emails and text messages can be read out and shown on the control display.

head up displayBMW HEAD-UP DISPLAY

The ultimate in driving convenience, the BMW Head-Up Display projects driving information, such as speed limit, no-overtaking zones and your speed directly in your line of vision, allowing you to concentrate fully on driving.

traffic jam assistTRAFFIC JAM ASSISTANT

Driving in traffic is not just monotonous, but quite a pain. BMW Traffic Jam Assistant allows you to move easily with traffic, keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

shift point displaySHIFT POINT DISPLAY

Changing gear at the right time saves fuel, and Shift Point Display from BMW helps by informing the driver of the most efficient gear to be driving in at all times.

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